About Us


As a team of self-proclaimed mavericks, we took a deep dive into the plummeting depths of Blue Ocean in pursuit of the refulgent white pearl of entrepreneurship during the winters of 2011. The very insatiable desire to own the white pearl cultured us with herculean strength to overcome oodles of challenges. Such an indomitable pursuit won us our pearl which enchanted our destiny towards the art and science of Consulting delivered in the areas of Branding, Digital Media Marketing and Research & Analysis. Embarked our light speed journey in 2011, we - a mystical bird of pearl, flew from the deep waters of Blue Ocean towards the radiant Blue Sky to edifice our own niche in this infinite universe. Radiating ethereal Blue Energy, Trust and Confidence, we roar as Blu Dacnis.


1. At Blu Dacnis, our branding methodologies ensure you to tap into the emotional quotient of your customers and create an aura around your brand so that you can charge a premium and still stay on in their lovable brands wanted list.

2. We know that the strength of a brand relies on the position it occupies in the minds of the consumers. The clearer the position,the more value it attracts and the more likely that it will be chosen over other brands, again and again. And we make this happen for our you by

  • Harvesting the very potent advertising medium - WoM, word of mouth - by creating the platform for an interactive dialogue between you and your customer
  • Helping your brand walk the talk by developing a close relationship with the truth
  • Focusing on experiential marketing
  • Employing an integrated marketing approach by working from within and building valuable collaborative networks among best-of-breed communication specialists
  • Talking to the right people at the right time through narrowcasting - channelized through the digital media viz blogs, visuals,web 2.0,social networking,motive and SMS to appeal to today wiredgeneration.

3. Blu Dacnis’s agile brand evangelists are fully cued into the necessity of saving money for clients and are adept at coming up with solutions that arrest massive wastage on media blitzkriegs by effectivenarrowcasting and personalization.